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Love Can Save the Day - Some Kind Of Bliss
December 16th, 2014
03:48 am


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Love Can Save the Day
Sometimes it’s hard to be my friend, ask anyone who’s tried
And when my heart feels something deeper, it makes me wanna hide
I try to play it cool and breathe as I go crazy in my head
I don’t wanna rush, but I don’t want to feel regret
Your presence makes me smile, and everyone can see
My spirit lights when you’re around, more than you’d believe

So I take a breath and hold it in
I can’t help what I’m feelin’

*~Maybe this was meant to be or maybe I’ve just lost my mind
But you’re what I was searching for and never thought I’d find
I think I wished upon a Star, or maybe it’s a twist of Fate
But I can feel you in my heart and I want you in every way
So call me crazy, let’s take a chance, tell me now, what do you say?
Sometimes love is worth the risk, sometimes love can save the day~*

I won’t be scared if you promise me that you won’t go away
Just take my heart, keep it safe, and I’ll be yours today
I can’t promise you forever but I give my word for you I’d try
Love may fade, it’s a fact of life, but I will always stay by your side

So take a breath and make your move
There’s nothing left for us to prove


I can’t promise you forever but I’ll give my all to try
No matter if the stars fall I will always be right by your side


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